Friday, 8 April 2011

Are surface moulds / molds on my sauerkraut ok?

Are they ok?
When I was first looking into fermenting vegetables, I noticed several sites stating that the presence of surface moulds were ok, even referring to them in a positive way (a 'bloom' for instance).

While I am no doctor or scientist, in my experience the answer to the above question is a firm no. Every time I have had mould on my sauerkraut it has made it taste poor and smell 'wrong', even when the affected layer has been scrapped away - as a general rule, moulds are best avoided unless part of a decent cheese.

How do I prevent them?
There are two key things to preventing moulds and as long as I have adhered to them I have never had moulds crop up in my sauerkraut batches:
  1. Use the correct type of container
  2. Sterilise the container with hot boiled water before adding the cabbage
Following these simple steps should avoid moulds and keep your sauerkraut on track.