Friday, 8 April 2011

Introduction to FAQs section

As any interested reader will no doubt know, the basic recipe for home made sauerkraut is very simple as you need only two ingredients:
  • Cabbage; and
  • Salt
Aha! But it is not so simple! As many a blog post on the subject will testify, there is plenty of scope for things to go a bit wrong, even when making a simple sauerkraut recipe. "So" I hear you ask, "what is the method for making good sauerkraut?".

I'm glad you asked; I have found (through considerable trial and error) that there are three key factors to making decent sauerkraut:
  1. The amount of salt used;
  2. How you prep the cabbage and produce brine; and
  3. How you store the sauerkraut.
This FAQs section has three short articles discussing these topics which I hope will provide some good basic information for anyone looking to make sauerkraut the traditional way. There will also be some other short articles which provide tips for issues.